To: Nam Tung ( Macao ) Investment Ltd.
I/our company(s) will entrust your company of the property below for Commission sale Commission rent, and agree with the under-mentioned terms and conditions:
Property address :
Name(s) of property :
Number(s) of property:
Flat(s) and Block(s) :
Carpark(s) (Flat(s) and
Number(s)) :
Types :
Flat Shop Office Factory
Carpark Villa Lot Whole building
Areas : Usable floor area sq. feet; Gross floor area sq. feet;
Sitting room(s) Bedroom(s) ( includes suite room(s))
Balcony(s) Platform(s)
Property information : Established year : ; Flat(s) Block(s) ;
  Orientation : Front Middle Back
  Direction :
  Rental fee $
  Present situation : Vacancy Owner-occupier Rent already
  Decorations : Yes No ; Elevator : Yes No
  Management fee $
  Other facilities :
Exchanging method : Buying and selling certificate Contract name's transfer
Selling price : Quote ( minimum price )
Rental fee : per month ( minimum price )
Management fee included Management fee excluded
I/our company(s) agree(s) to comply with the under-mentioned terms and conditions :
1 Your company can advertise on behalf of us at any time.
2 Your company can do a commission sale/commission rent of the above property, or receive a deposit and keep it temporary on behalf of us, and the deposit will be refunded to us when making formal contract or procedures of name ' s transfer. I/our company should take all responsibility for the problems raised by the property deposits.
3 To pay your company 1% of the close price as the commission for selling the above property and your company can deduct commission from the paid from agencies ' deposits.
4 To pay your company an amount to one month of the rental fee as commission when renting out the above property successfully.
5 Your company can receive any commission from the buyers or the tenants.
6 I/our company should take the responsibility to pay all housing tax, government rent, management fee and all other expenses before the above property sold out.
7 Your company shall not interfere with any rental problems related to the above property.
8 Your company has the rights to delegate anyone to execute or handle the above entrusted items on behalf of you.
9 All entrusted document signed by your company is considered validity as my/our company ' s signatures.
10 Prompt notice will be given to your company to cancel the above trust if I/our company solely sell(s) out/rent (s) out the above property.
11 Your company can bring clients to look through the property as I/our company will give the key to you. I/our company declare(s) that your company shall not take any responsibility if there are further damages or losses of the property, or the loss of the key that your company cannot contact me/our company to take back, I/our company agree(s) to be unclaimed and your company can handle solely.

I/our company declare(s) that any problems or law disputes raised by the legal owner of the above property, I/our company should take all the responsibility and your company shall not interfere with.
Mandator : Telephone :
Address :